Mr. Sanjay Singh

(CEO & Founder)

About Founder & CEO

Mr. Sanjay Singh – Founder & CEO of Indian Circuit Holidays – A Reputed Travel Agency in India. Sanjay Singh is a distinguished industry veteran with a total of 18 years of corporate experience across industries like travel and Hospitality industries. A proven leader in the travel industry, Mr. Sanjay has been instrumental in driving product innovations, leading technology initiatives along with managing supplier relations for better revenue outcomes. Prior to Start Indian Circuit, Mr. Sanjay held leadership positions with various other travel companies Such Club Mahindra, Indian Holiday and Jet Air Tours.


  • Over 18+ years in Travel industry
  • Fully experienced in organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating through the middle.
  • Master Degree in Tourism and Travel Management from BHU (Banaras Hindu University), 2004
  • Established and developed Indian Circuit Travel Agency with only 4 people
  • Spend a lot of time traveling around the world to get acknowledgment about cultures and pass experiences to Indian Circuit members

About Co-founder

Mrs. Sapna Singh, CO-founder of Indian Circuit Holidays and currently serves as one of the directors on the board. She is graduated, having Bachelor of Engineering degree from an Indian Reputed College and has approximately 15 years of experience in the travel, tourism, banking and social applications. Mrs. Sapna has played several roles at Indian Circuit – from hands-on sales, software development and overall delivery management to spearheading various technology initiatives.

Mrs. Sapna Singh

(Co – Founder)

Mr. Rajendra Singh Bisht

Admin & Account Manager

28+ Yrs of Experience in Travel Domain

Mr. Haridas Singh

Head of Sales & Operations

19+ Yrs of Experience in Travel Trade.

Mrs. Seema Sarkar

Head of Ticketing and Visa

16+ Yrs of Experience in Air Ticketing and Visa

Mrs. Jyoti Gupta

Sales & Marketing Lead

12+ Yrs of Experience Travel & Hospitality Domain

Swati Sinh - Tour Co-Ordinator

Mrs. Swati Sinh

Tour – Co-Ordinator

10+ Yrs of Experience in Travel Domains

Mr. Ranjan Panda

Outbound & Ticketing

8+ Yrs of Experience in Air Ticketing and Outbound Travel

Ritesh Jha - IT Consultant

Aakansha Ajay Joshi

Manager Ticketing & Outbound

10+ Yrs of Experience in Travel Domains

Ritesh Jha - IT Consultant

Mr. Jayandaran Moodley

General Manager Sales

15+ Yrs of Experience in Travel Trade

Ritesh Jha - IT Consultant

Mr. Ritesh Jha

Digital & IT consultant

15+ Yrs of Experience in Digital & IT Domains

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