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Bhutan is a small, landlocked country located in the Himalayas, between India and China. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and commitment to preserving its traditional way of life. Indian Circuit offer customizable Bhutan tour packages with lots of exciting deals and offers. Our Bhutan Tour Experts will make special packages which will let you the unforgettable experience of the charming beauty of popular places of Bhutan. Our Bhutan Tour Packages are the perfect and will suits to all kind of travelers where they will enjoy the scenic mountain ranges and get a chance to explore the unique culture and tradition of the Bhutan and the parts of the great Himalayan Mountain Range.


Indian Circuit offers special pilgrims packages for Buddhist and who interested to know more about the Bhutanese people, unique culture and lifestyle, and their way of life is deeply connected to their Buddhist faith. Bhutan is known for its spectacular trekking routes, such as the Snowman Trek and the Jomolhari Trek, which offer stunning views of the Himalayas and the chance to explore remote villages and monasteries. The country is also home to many beautiful temples and monasteries, including the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is one of Bhutan’s most important pilgrimage sites.


Bhutan is a destination that offers travelers a unique and authentic experience, where they can immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture, natural beauty and explore its unique way of life.

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